Balayan Sortie

The second sortie that Next Gen organized for the season was in Balayan, Batangas and was scheduled on March 3, Tuesday. Next Gen would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mayor JR Fronda, Congresswoman Eileen Ermita Buhain, Governor Hermilando Mandanas, Vice Governor Mark Leviste, and their respective offices for their warm welcome.

March 2, the day before the rally, Next Gen planned a dialogue presentation for BBM and former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with Next Gen presentors. The objective of the dialogue was to provide insights, new data, and information to BBM from people who work in the industries that Next Gen members are a part of. Next Gen aims to provide factual data and insights of current, global, forward-thinking and progressive information for our future president.

The next day, March 3, the rally was well-attended by Balayan and neighboring towns. The rally started at around 9:00 AM and was filled with approximately 7,000 supporters. The UniTeam senatorial slate was in attendance. Each senator championed the Batangueños with their inspiring speech. Despite the heat, the people came out to be able to hear our candidate and his running mates speak. Proceeding the rally, the Next Gen board members and VIPs congregated at Calatagan Golf and Country Club. The lunch was well attended and was the final event at the itinerary attended by BBM and Sara’s team, and the local government of the towns around Calatagan.

We continue to move forward on this journey of spreading BBM and the Uniteam’s message of unity and building a better, stronger, future.

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