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Kickstarting the Stickering Events

Next Gen unites with other parallel youth groups, Millennials 4 Marcos and Sara and Partidong Federal Pilipinas – Kabataang Federal with a series of stickering events. Hosted at high traffic eras, such as bus terminals, gas stations, and main roads on quiet days these events encourage supporters to show their Uniteam pride. Motor vehicles, including but not limited to vehicles and motors, are able to drive in and get their very own “Next Gen for BBM – Sara” sticker placed on their item of choice. Typically plastered to the back of the vehicles, Next Gen offers a creative way to inform people about their choice, encouraging more people to do the same. Over the last two weeks, we have #spotted multiple vehicles. This has been a source of pride for all of us at Next Gen.

By activating the campaigns towards the young voters, Next Gen for BBM wishes to give the supporters of the next generation a voice. Amidst the backlash and attacks thrown towards BBM and his supporters, the youth events will be promoting peace and unity, the main message and campaign of the Uniteam, as well as use the events as a reminder to be vigilant and go out and vote.

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